BootstrapGridView.CustomUnboundColumnData Event

Enables data to be supplied to unbound columns.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap.v19.2.dll


public event BootstrapGridViewColumnDataEventHandler CustomUnboundColumnData
Public Event CustomUnboundColumnData As BootstrapGridViewColumnDataEventHandler

Event Data

The CustomUnboundColumnData event handler receives an argument of the BootstrapGridViewColumnDataEventArgs type. The following properties provide information specific to this event.

Property Description
Column Gets the unbound column currently being processed.
IsGetData Gets whether you should provide data for the currently processed cell.
(Inherited from ASPxGridColumnDataEventArgs)
IsSetData Gets whether the cell's value should be stored in a custom data source.
(Inherited from ASPxGridColumnDataEventArgs)
ListSourceRowIndex Gets the current data item's (row, card or record) index in the data source.
(Inherited from ASPxGridColumnDataEventArgs)
Value Gets or sets the value of the cell currently being processed.
(Inherited from ASPxGridColumnDataEventArgs)
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