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Site Navigation

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The DevExpress Bootstrap Controls suite ships with a set of navigation tools that will help you build easy-to-navigate websites and web applications.



The Accordion control allows you to create a full-featured navigation bar with multiple items (actions). Items can be combined into groups, and you can nest other groups in these groups to create a hierarchical navigation menu.

Floating Action Button


The Floating Action Button appears in front of a container (HTML element or control) when users interact with the container’s elements.



The Menu control allows you to provide navigation options to your end-users. By default, the Menu control has a tree-like structure with root items aligned horizontally and sub-items available in drop-down menus.



The Bootstrap Pager is a standalone control that enables you to implement custom paging algorithms



The Bootstrap Ribbon is a standalone control that allows you to introduce the look, feel and behavior of a ribbon-based UI in your application

Tab Control


The Bootstrap Tab Control provides a visual interface for creating custom tabbed layouts. The Tab Control provides only navigation means and requires manually updating specific content to reflect a selected tab’s changes.

Tree View


The Tree View allows you to represent hierarchical data as a tree with collapsible nodes.

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