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The DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap Charts suite is a set of server-side wrappers for DevExtreme chart widgets allowing you to use ASP.NET approaches to integrating DevExtreme Charts into your web application.

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The BootstrapChart component suite is a wrapper for the dxChart widget and does not work in IE as we finished support for Internet Explorer with v21.2 of DevExtreme and related products.

Server Functionality


Server-side wrappers allow you to create charts, configure them and bind them to data using Visual Studio design time tools, without writing a single line of code. The included Bootstrap Chart Designer provides a comprehensive UI for building charts of any complexity and configuring their visual elements in one place.

Three Chart Controls


The DevExpress Bootstrap Charts Suite ships with three controls allowing you to create charts of three major families. The following controls are included:

Over 20 Series Types


The suite offers over 20 types of chart series allowing you to solve a broad range of data visualization tasks. The suite provides the following series types and their variations:

Flexible Data Binding Engine


The suite provides multiple ways to supply data to a chart control. The following approaches for binding a chart control to data are fully supported:

  • Binding to data using one of the ASP.NET data source controls (e.g., EntityDataSource).
  • Obtaining data from a JSON file using callbacks.
  • Obtaining data from a JSONP endpoint.

Extensive Customization Capabilities


Chart controls provide client-side API allowing you to customize various aspects of data visualization including the appearance of separate series elements, axes, labels, and tooltips.