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Rich Text Editor

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Bootstrap Rich Text Editor is a Word-inspired control that helps you create full-featured text applications with complex formatting and display capabilities. The Rich Text Editor allows you to load, save, export, and convert documents to and from today’s most popular text-based formats. With the Rich Text Editor, you can allow end-users to create, edit, and save rich-text documents within their browsers.

Editor’s Features


The Rich Text Editor allows you to introduce Microsoft® Word®-like text editing features into your web application with ease. The Rich Text Editor provides advanced text formatting capabilities and numerous end-user options helping you deliver compelling business solutions.

Responsive UI


Rich Text Editor provides users with responsive ribbon-like UI that allows end-user applications to get adapted to any browser and every device type.

This feature includes:

  • Responsive ribbon
  • Adaptive dialogs
  • Scrollable popup menu
  • Full-screen mode

API Reference


Rich Text Editor provides a comprehensive API, allowing you to manipulate the document programmatically.

On the server side, the Rich Text Editor control is represented by the BootstrapRichEdit class. For more information on the client API, refer to the Client API document.

Document Processing


When the Rich Text Editor loads a document, the Document Model is built. This document model is then transformed into the Document Layout. The Rich Text Editor renders and displays this layout. Therefore, a document exists only in its native Rich Text Editor representation.

Online Demos


DevExpress Bootstrap controls are shipped with online feature-based demos. To see Bootstrap Rich Text Editor and its features in action, click See Demos.