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ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventArgs.isChangedOnServer Property

Gets whether a selection has been changed on the server.


isChangedOnServer: boolean

Property Value

Type Description

true if a selection has been changed on the server; otherwise, false.


To select or unselect records on the server-side, use the methods provided by the WebDataSelection object returned by the ASPxVerticalGrid.Selection property. To learn more, see Selection.


If the selection has been changed on the server ( the ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventArgs.isChangedOnServer property returns true) the ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventArgs.isAllRecordsOnPage, ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventArgs.isSelected, and ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventArgs.visibleIndex properties are not in effect. To learn more, see the ASPxClientVerticalGrid.SelectionChanged event description.

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