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ASPxClientVerticalGrid.SelectionChanged Event

Fires after the selection has been changed.


SelectionChanged: ASPxClientEvent<ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventHandler<ASPxClientVerticalGrid>>

Event Data

The SelectionChanged event's data class is ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
isAllRecordsOnPage Gets whether all records displayed within a page have been selected or unselected.
isChangedOnServer Gets whether a selection has been changed on the server.
isSelected Gets whether the record has been selected.
processOnServer Specifies whether or not to process the event on the server. Inherited from ASPxClientProcessingModeEventArgs.
visibleIndex Gets the visible index of the record whose selected state has been changed.


The ASPxVerticalGrid allows multiple records to be selected. End-users can select/deselect records using the Select command item, which is a check box. Handle the SelectionChanged event to respond to a selection change.

The event parameter’s processOnServer property enables you to specify whether the event should be finally processed on the server side. If this property is set to false (the default value), the event is completely handled on the client side without a round trip to the server. Setting the processOnServer property to true indicates that the final processing of the event should be performed on the server side. In this case, the server-side ASPxGridBase.SelectionChanged event fires, which if handled, allows any desired server-side action to be performed.


If the ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.ProcessSelectionChangedOnServer property is set to true, the selection change is processed on the server side (the server-side ASPxGridBase.SelectionChanged event fires). The client-side SelectionChanged event is not raised.


If the selection has been changed on the server, the ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventArgs.isChangedOnServer property returns true. In this case, on the client side, you cannot determine what changes have been performed, so the ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventArgs.isAllRecordsOnPage, ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventArgs.isSelected, and ASPxClientVerticalGridSelectionEventArgs.visibleIndex properties are not in effect.

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