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ASPxClientUtils.SendMessageToAssistiveTechnology(message) Method

Specifies the text that Assistive Technologies (screen readers or braille display, for example) will provide to a user.


static SendMessageToAssistiveTechnology(
    message: string
): void


Name Type Description
message string

A String value that specifies a text.


Use the SendMessageToAssistiveTechnology method to specify the text that will be passed to Assistive Technologies from a web page element to provide it to a user. To send this message from a DevExpress web control, using the ASPxClientControlBase.SendMessageToAssistiveTechnology method is recommended.


The SendMessageToAssistiveTechnology method is in effect if the accessibility mode is enabled. For more information on how to enable this mode for an individual DevExpress control, for all DevExpress controls on a page, or for all DevExpress controls within a web project, refer to the Web Accessibility in DevExpress ASP.NET Controls and MVC Extensions topic.

For more information, refer to the How To: Provide a Screen Reader with Information About Changes on a Page


The following example illustrates how to use the ASPxClientUtils.SendMessageToAssistiveTechnology method. To review the full example, use the Data Editors - Accessibility - Linked Controls online demo.

function OnEndCallback() {
    var message = "Accepted products table updated.";
    if(gvProducts.cpOldProductCount !== gvProducts.cpProductCount) {
        message += " Elements count changed from " + gvProducts.cpOldProductCount + " to " + gvProducts.cpProductCount;
        gvProducts.cpOldProductCount = gvProducts.cpProductCount;
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