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ASPxClientUtils.PreventEventAndBubble(htmlEvent) Method

Cancels both the specified event's default action and the event's bubbling upon the hierarchy of event handlers.


static PreventEventAndBubble(htmlEvent: any): boolean


Name Type Description
htmlEvent any

An object that specifies the required HTML event.


Type Description

Always false.


You can use this method in the following manner, for instance:

myObject.onmousedown="return ASPxClientUtils.PreventEventAndBubble(event);"


This example demonstrates how the default browser processing of the Enter key, pressed while an ASPxTextBox has input focus, can be canceled with the help of a specific client method of a service ASPxClientUtils client object.

Note that the client script implementing the ASPxClientUtils object should be explicitly registered, to make this object available on the client:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e){
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