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ASPxClientTrackBarPositionChangingEventArgs.currentPositionEnd Property

Gets the current secondary drag handle position.


currentPositionEnd: number

Property Value

Type Description

The drag handle position.


When the TrackBarProperties.AllowRangeSelection is set to true, a track bar displays two drag handles to support the value range selection. In this case, use the currentPositionEnd property to obtain the current secondary drag handle position. To get the position where the drag handle is being moved, use the ASPxClientTrackBarPositionChangingEventArgs.newPositionEnd property. You can get the current and new positions of the main drag handle using the ASPxClientTrackBarPositionChangingEventArgs.currentPositionStart and ASPxClientTrackBarPositionChangingEventArgs.newPositionStart properties respectively.

If the AllowRangeSelection property is set to false, you can access the positions of the single drag handle using the ASPxClientTrackBarPositionChangingEventArgs.currentPosition and ASPxClientTrackBarPositionChangingEventArgs.newPosition properties.

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