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ASPxClientListBox.SelectedIndexChanged Event

Occurs on the client side after a different item in the list box has been selected (focus has been moved from one item to another).


SelectedIndexChanged: ASPxClientEvent<ASPxClientListEditItemSelectedChangedEventHandler<ASPxClientListBox>>

Event Data

The SelectedIndexChanged event's data class is ASPxClientListEditItemSelectedChangedEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
index Gets the index of the item related to the event.
isSelected Gets whether the item has been selected.
processOnServer Specifies whether or not to process the event on the server. Inherited from ASPxClientProcessingModeEventArgs.


The SelectedIndexChanged event occurs on the client side whenever selection is moved between items within the list box editor. Write a handler for the SelectedIndexChanged event to perform tasks in response to an end-user selecting a different item from the editor’s list.

Note that the ASPxClientListEditItemSelectedChangedEventArgs.index property value is -1 when the “Select All” check box is clicked.


This part of the Multiple Selection demo illustrates how to use multi-selection mode for the ASPxListBox editor.

     protected void lbModels_Callback(object sender, DevExpress.Web.CallbackEventArgsBase e) {
     protected void FilterModels(ListEditItemCollection items) {
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