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ASPxClientListBox.CustomHighlighting Event

Enables you to highlight the filtered items.


CustomHighlighting: ASPxClientEvent<ASPxClientListEditCustomHighlightingEventHandler<ASPxClientListBox>>

Event Data

The CustomHighlighting event's data class is ASPxClientListEditCustomHighlightingEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
filter Gets a string that is a filter condition for the editor’s items typed by a user.
highlighting Specifies rules according to which the editor highlights the filtered items.


The CustomHighlighting event is used to highlight the editor items that match filter criteria. Note that the CustomHighlighting event is raised once for all items, while the ASPxClientListBox.ItemFiltering event is raised for each item.

In callback mode, the ASPxClientListEditCustomHighlightingEventArgs.highlighting property’s default value is obtained from the ListEditCustomFilteringEventArgs.CustomHighlighting property if the latter is specified in the ASPxListBox.CustomFiltering event. If the callback mode is disabled or the ListEditCustomFilteringEventArgs.CustomHighlighting property is not specified, the ASPxClientListEditCustomHighlightingEventArgs.highlighting property default value is null. Refer to the ASPxClientListEditCustomHighlightingEventArgs.highlighting property description for more information.


The CustomHighlighting event can be raised either immediately after the items are filtered (the ASPxListBox.EnableCallbackMode property is set to false) or after the first callback is initiated (the ASPxListBox.EnableCallbackMode property is set to true).

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