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ASPxClientListBox.PerformCallback(parameter) Method

Sends a callback to the server, and generates the server-side ASPxListBox.Callback event, passing it the specified argument.


    parameter: string
): void


Name Type Description
parameter string

A string value that represents any information that needs to be sent to the server-side ASPxListBox.Callback event.


Use the PerformCallback method if you need to asynchronously go to the server and perform some server-side processing using AJAX-based callback technology. You can pass the required information to be collected on the client side as a string of arguments (for instance, in the “Name = Value;” form) via the PerformCallback method’s parameter parameter.

The PerformCallback method posts back to the server using the callback technology, and generates a server-side ASPxListBox.Callback event. The method’s parameter argument is passed to the ASPxListBox.Callback event’s handler as the CallbackEventArgsBase.Parameter property. So, the necessary server-side actions can be performed in the event’s handler based upon the values of the arguments, obtained by parsing the passed information string.


The ASPxClientListBox.BeginCallback and ASPxClientListBox.EndCallback client events can also be used to perform necessary client actions before and after callback processing.


This part of the Multiple Selection demo illustrates how to use multi-selection mode for the ASPxListBox editor.

     protected void lbModels_Callback(object sender, DevExpress.Web.CallbackEventArgsBase e) {
     protected void FilterModels(ListEditItemCollection items) {
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