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ASPxClientListBox.AddItem(text) Method

Adds a new item to the editor, specifying the item’s display text, associated value and displayed image, and returns the index of the added item.


    text: string | string[],
    value?: any,
    imageUrl?: string
): number


Name Type Description
text string | string[]

A string value specifying the item’s display text.

value any

An object specifying the value associated with the item.

imageUrl string

A string value specifying the path to the image displayed by the item.


Type Description

The added item’s index.


This method is not in effect, if an editor is used in multi-column mode.

Usage (JavaScript):

ASPxListBox1.AddItem('Column value', 123, 'Images/image.jpg');



If an item with the specified image is added to the editor’s Items collection where no items have images yet, it is necessary to explicitly define the editor’s ItemImage.Width and ItemImage.Height properties. Otherwise, the newly added item’s image will not be displayed.


The AddItem method is in effect if the control’s client API is enabled using one of the following methods:

  • Set the control’s EnableClientSideAPI property to true.
  • Set the control’s EnableCallbackMode property to true.
  • Define the control’s ClientInstanceName property.
  • Handle any control’s client-side event (available via the control’s ClientSideEvents property).
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