ASPxClientGridViewBatchEditChangesCancelingEventArgs.updatedValues Property

Gets a hashtable that maintains information about updated cells.


updatedValues: any

Property Value

Type Description

A hashtable that stores information about updated cells.


The updatedValues structure is a hashtable that maintains information about updated cells in the following manner:

updatedValues = {
  "0": {
    "1": {
      value: "someValue",
//Here, "0" is an example of the row visible index; "1" is an example of the column index specifying the corresponding cell


This example illustrates how to use the updatedValues argument.

function onBatchEditChangesCanceling(s, e) {
    var updValues = e.updatedValues;
    for (var rowIndex in updValues) {
        for (var columnIndex in updValues[rowIndex]) {
            var visibleIndex = parseInt(rowIndex);
            var columnId = parseInt(columnIndex);
            var initialVal = grid.batchEditApi.GetCellValue(visibleIndex, columnId, true);
            var rateColumn, barColumn, templateColumn;
            if (columnId == rateColumnIndex) {
                rateColumn = grid.GetColumn(rateColumnIndex);
                SetColValue(visibleIndex, rateColumn, initialVal);
            else if (columnId == barColumnIndex) {
                barColumn = grid.GetColumn(barColumnIndex);
                SetBarColValue(visibleIndex, barColumn, initialVal);
            else if (columnId == templateColumnIndex) {
                templateColumn = grid.GetColumn(templateColumnIndex);
                SetHtmlTemplateColumnValue(visibleIndex, templateColumn, initialVal);
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