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ASPxClientControl.SetHeight(height) Method

Specifies the control’s height. Note that this method is not in effect for some controls.


    height: number
): void


Name Type Description
height number

The control’s height.


Although the SetHeight method is implemented within a base client object, it doesn’t apply to all web controls provided by DevExpress. This method is in effect only for controls whose height can be sensibly changed on the client. For instance, this method is not supported by the following controls: ASPxScheduler, ASPxDataView, ASPxMenu, ASPxNewsControl, ASPxRoundPanel, ASPxTabControl, ASPxUploadControl, ASPxImageSlider, and the majority of our editors.

Calling the SetHeight method for a control that doesn’t support modifying its height on the client does nothing.


For ASPxGridView:

Set the VerticalScrollBarMode property to Auto or Visible to change a grid’s height using the ASPxClientControl.SetHeight method.

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