ASPxClientCardView.GroupBy(column) Method

Groups cards by the values of the specified column.


    column: ASPxClientCardViewColumn | number | string,
    groupIndex?: number,
    sortOrder?: string
): void


Name Type Description
column ASPxClientCardViewColumn | number | string

An ASPxClientCardViewColumn object that represents the card view column.

groupIndex number

An integer value that specifies the grouping level. -1 to cancel grouping by the column’s values.

sortOrder string

A string value that specifies the column’s sort order.


The ASPxCardView supports grouping by an unlimited number of columns. The GroupBy method groups cards by the values of the specified column.

Cards are always sorted against the grouping columns. If cards are grouped against a column which isn’t sorted, the card view automatically applies sorting in ascending order to the column.

Data grouping is allowed if the ASPxCardViewBehaviorSettings.AllowGroup and ASPxGridBehaviorSettings.AllowSort properties are set to true.

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