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ASPxClientCardView.Cast(obj) Method

Converts the specified object to the ASPxClientCardView type.


static Cast(obj: any): ASPxClientCardView


Name Type Description
obj any

The client object to be type cast.


Type Description

The converted client object specified by the obj parameter.


Call the static Cast method to cast the specified client object to the ASPxClientCardView type. As a result, the type specific IntelliSense information can be displayed for the object.


Convert the event source object passed to a client event's handler.

<ClientSideEvents Init="function(s, e) { 
     var clientObject = ASPxClientCardView.Cast(s);
}" /> 

Convert a client object accessed by its ClientInstanceName property value.

<dx:ASPxCardView ID="CardView" runat="server" ClientInstanceName="ASPxClientCardView1 .../>
var clientObject = ASPxClientCardView.Cast('ASPxClientCardView1'); 

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