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Included Components

The table below lists the Data and Image Navigation controls, their namespaces, and their equivalent client-side objects, if any.

Logo Server Control Server Control Namespace Client Object Overview Topics Description
logo_ASPxDataView.png ASPxDataView DevExpress.Web ASPxClientDataView ASPxDataView Overview A web server control that displays data in a tabular layout, supports pagination and enables round-trips to the server using AJAX-based callback technology.
logo_ASPxHeadline.png ASPxHeadline DevExpress.Web None ASPxHeadLine Overview A server control designed to organize news announcements on a web page.
logo_ASPxImageGallery.png ASPxImageGallery DevExpress.Web ASPxClientImageGallery ASPxImageGallery Overview A data control that allows you to display images as thumbnails, navigate between them, and show images full screen.
logo_ASPxImageSlider.png ASPxImageSlider DevExpress.Web ASPxClientImageSlider ASPxImageSlider Overview A data control that is used to display images and navigate through them.
logo_ASPxImage.png ASPxImageZoom DevExpress.Web ASPxClientImageZoom ASPxImageZoom Overview A data control that allows you to display high-resolution images.
logo_ASPxImageSlider.png ASPxImageZoomNavigator DevExpress.Web ASPxClientImageZoomNavigator ASPxImageZoom Overview A data control that allows you to display thumbnails, navigate through them and open a corresponding image within an assigned Image Zoom.
logo_ASPxNewsControl.png ASPxNewsControl DevExpress.Web ASPxClientNewsControl ASPxNewsControl Overview A server control that displays a list of news and announcements on a web page.
logo_ASPxPager.png ASPxPager DevExpress.Web None ASPxPager Overview A pager control that enables you to implement custom paging algorithms.