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The ASPxPager is a standalone control that allows you to implement custom paging algorithms. To do so, handle the ASPxPagerBase.PageIndexChanging and ASPxPagerBase.PageIndexChanged events. See the following demo for an example: Pager Example.

The image below shows the ASPxPager control.


The ASPxPagerBase.PageCount property returns the number of pages. The ASPxPagerBase.PageIndex property identifies the index of the active (selected) page. You can also use this property to select the desired page in code.

The ASPxPagerBase.ItemsPerPage property specifies the number of items displayed on each page. You can use the ASPxPagerBase.NumericButtonCount property to specify the maximum number of page numbers displayed within the pager.

ASPxDataView and ASPxNewsControl include a built-in pager (ASPxPager) and support page-mode navigation (see the image below).



The ASPxPager control does not implement public client-side API.