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News Control

  • 2 minutes to read

The ASPxNewsControl displays news or announcements on a web page (see the image below).


The ASPxNewsControl can function in bound and unbound modes:

Use the ASPxNewsControl.ItemSettings property to access item settings. For more information on item settings, see the following topic: NewsItem.

You can allow users to navigate to the top of the current page. To do this, set the ASPxNewsControl.ShowBackToTop property to true. This shows the Back to top link within items. To specify custom text for this link, use the ASPxNewsControl.BackToTopText property. You can also specify the ASPxNewsControl.BackToTopImage property to display an image before this link.


The ASPxNewsControl includes comprehensive client-side features implemented with JavaScript:

The client-side API is always available for this control.