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Image Gallery

ASPxImageGallery is a data control that displays thumbnail and full-screen images. The control supports data binding, the loading of images from a specified folder, and the manual creation of image items.


This topic lists the main features of the ASPxImageGallery control.

Control Features

  • Populate the control with items in different ways: by binding to a datasource or folder, or by manually populating the ASPxImageGallery.Items collection.
  • Specify image thumbnails explicitly, or create them automatically.
  • Display item text above the item.
  • Touch gesture support, to browse/review images in the gallery.
  • Use the keyboard to navigate through images in the gallery.
  • Slide show mode.
  • Adaptive and responsive layout.
  • Templates that allow you to customize UI element appearance and layout.
  • Endless paging.
  • A virtual paging mode that allows end users to load images on demand when the pager is used for navigation.