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How to: Bind ASPxTrackBar to an XML data-source


The code sample below demonstrates how to bind ASPxTrackBar to an Xml data source.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <Day DayOfWeek="Monday" ToolTip="Monday" Text="Mon" />
  <Day DayOfWeek="Tuesday" ToolTip="Tuesday" Text="Tue" />
  <Day DayOfWeek="Wednesday" ToolTip="Wednesday" Text="Wed" />
  <Day DayOfWeek="Thursday" ToolTip="Thursday" Text="Thu" />
  <Day DayOfWeek="Friday" ToolTip="Friday" Text="Fri" />
  <Day DayOfWeek="Saturday" ToolTip="Saturday" Text="Sat" />
  <Day DayOfWeek="Sunday" ToolTip="Sunday" Text="Sun" />