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Right to Left Support

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Most DevExpress ASP.NET controls support right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. These controls allow you to create web pages with right-to-left layouts and mirrored UI elements.

The image below illustrates how DevExpress web controls are displayed in a right-to-left layout.



The following DevExpress web controls do not currently offer right-to-left support: ASPxDiagram, ASPxGantt, ASPxScheduler, ASPxSpreadsheet, ASPxRichEdit, and ASPxPivotGrid.

Setting an Individual Control

To switch the display of an individual DevExpress web control to right-to-left, enable the control’s RightToLeft property (e.g., use the ASPxNavBar.RightToLeft property for the ASPxNavBar control). When this property is enabled, text flows from right to left, and the layout of most UI elements is reversed.

Setting Controls Globally

To switch the display of all DevExpress web controls in a website to right-to-left, enable the ASPxWebControl.GlobalRightToLeft property. Specify this property before the PreRender event is raised.

Using a Configuration Option

You can also use a configuration option in an application’s Web.config file to switch the entire web application to right-to-left. Instead of setting the RightToLeft property for each DevExpress web control within the page, you can simply enable the Web.config file’s rightToLeft configuration option. This option is found in the settings group of the Web.config file’s devExpress section. See the following help topic to learn more: Web.Config Options: Right to Left Support.