TreeList.AppendNode(Object, TreeListNode, CheckState, NodeCheckBoxStyle, Object) Method

Adds a TreeListNode that contains the specified values to the XtraTreeList.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraTreeList

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraTreeList.v20.1.dll


public virtual TreeListNode AppendNode(
    object nodeData,
    TreeListNode parentNode,
    CheckState checkState,
    NodeCheckBoxStyle childrenCheckBoxStyle,
    object tag
Public Overridable Function AppendNode(
    nodeData As Object,
    parentNode As TreeListNode,
    checkState As CheckState,
    childrenCheckBoxStyle As NodeCheckBoxStyle,
    tag As Object
) As TreeListNode


Name Type Description
nodeData Object

An array of values or a DataRow object, used to initialize the created node's cells.

parentNode TreeListNode

A parent node.

checkState CheckState

The node's check state.

childrenCheckBoxStyle DevExpress.XtraTreeList.NodeCheckBoxStyle

A NodeCheckBoxStyle enumeration value that specifies whether all child nodes owned by the created node should display check boxes, radio buttons, or neither. This value is assigned to the TreeListNode.ChildrenCheckBoxStyle property.

tag Object

An object that contains information associated with the Tree List node. This value is assigned to the TreeListNode.Tag property.


Type Description

A TreeListNode object or descendant representing the added node.

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