CustomDrawCellBackgroundEventArgs Properties

Provides data for the SpreadsheetControl.CustomDrawCellBackground event.
Name Description
BackColor Gets or sets the background color of the painted cell.
Bounds Returns the bounding rectangle of the drawing area. Inherited from CustomDrawCellEventArgsBase.
Cache Gets an object that serves as the storage for pens, fonts and brushes. Inherited from CustomDrawObjectEventsArgs.
Cell Gets the worksheet cell being painted. Inherited from CustomDrawCellEventArgsBase.
FillBounds Returns the bounding rectangle of the drawing area for painting the cell background. Inherited from CustomDrawCellEventArgsBase.
Graphics Gets an object used for painting. Inherited from CustomDrawObjectEventsArgs.
Handled Gets or sets whether an event is handled. If true, the default actions are not required. Inherited from CustomDrawObjectEventsArgs.
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