NavBarControl.SetCursor(Cursor) Method

Sets the mouse pointer type when it is over the control.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraNavBar

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraNavBar.v20.1.dll


public virtual void SetCursor(
    Cursor newCursor
Public Overridable Sub SetCursor(
    newCursor As Cursor


Name Type Description
newCursor Cursor

A System.Windows.Forms.Cursor descendant specifying the cursor type (available cursor types can be accessed via properties of the System.Windows.Forms.Cursors class).


The cursor type used when the mouse pointer is over the control is specified by the NavBarControl.Cursor property. However, mouse pointer type can be changed for following reasons:

The SetCursor method is used to change cursor type for the described reasons. The NavBarControl.RestoreCursor method turns the cursor type back to a value specified by the NavBarControl.Cursor property.

This method is not designed to be used directly from your code.

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