NavBarControl.CalcHitInfo(Point) Method

Gets an object containing information about the control at a specified point.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraNavBar

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraNavBar.v21.2.dll


public virtual NavBarHitInfo CalcHitInfo(
    Point p


Name Type Description
p Point

A System.Drawing.Point object specifying the examined point.


Type Description

A NavBarHitInfo object providing information about the control’s specified point.


Use the CalcHitInfo method to determine control elements over which a specified point resides and obtain objects representing these elements. Review the NavBarHitInfo class description for more details on information it provides.


The following sample code represents a handler for the MouseMove event. It calculates hit information for the mouse pointer’s position via the NavBarControl.CalcHitInfo method. Then, the type of the element that is hovered over is assigned to a string variable.

private void navBarControl1_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {
   // calculating hit information by the current mouse pointer position
   NavBarHitInfo hitInfo = navBarControl1.CalcHitInfo(new Point(e.X, e.Y));
   // obtaining the type of the element which is under the mouse pointer
   string element = hitInfo.HitTest.ToString();
   // ...
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