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CardView.CustomDrawCardField Event

Enables you to custom paint card fields.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Card

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGrid.v24.1.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.Win.Grid, DevExpress.Win.Navigation


public event RowCellCustomDrawEventHandler CustomDrawCardField

Event Data

The CustomDrawCardField event's data class is RowCellCustomDrawEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
Appearance Gets the painted element’s appearance settings. Inherited from CustomDrawEventArgs.
Bounds Returns a value specifying limits for the drawing area. Inherited from CustomDrawEventArgs.
Cache Provides methods to paint on drawing surfaces in GDI+ and DirectX modes. See DirectX hardware acceleration to learn more. Inherited from CustomDrawEventArgs.
Cell Provides information on the painted cell.
CellValue Gets the painted value or display text (depending on the event).
Column Gets the column whose element is being painted.
DisplayText Gets or sets the painted element’s display text.
Graphics A GDI+ drawing surface. Use the CustomDrawEventArgs.Cache property instead if you enable the DirectX hardware acceleration. Inherited from CustomDrawEventArgs.
Handled Gets or sets a value specifying whether an event was handled and that the default element painting is therefore not required. Inherited from CustomDrawEventArgs.
RowHandle Gets the handle of a painted element’s row.

The event data class exposes the following methods:

Method Description
DefaultDraw() Performs default painting of an element. Inherited from CustomDrawEventArgs.
DrawHtml(HtmlTemplate, DxHtmlPainterContext, Action<DxHtmlPainterArgs>) Paints the required HTML template inside an element that raised this event. The context parameter allows you to assign an object that transfers mouse events to template elements. Inherited from CustomDrawEventArgs.
DrawHtml(HtmlTemplate, Action<DxHtmlPainterArgs>) Paints the required HTML template inside an element that raised this event. Inherited from CustomDrawEventArgs.


Card fields consist of captions and value cells. Therefore, the event’s CustomDrawEventArgs.Bounds parameter specifies the rectangle bounding both these elements. If you need to custom paint field captions and value cells separately, handle the CardView.CustomDrawCardFieldCaption and CardView.CustomDrawCardFieldValue events instead.

If you set the event’s CustomDrawEventArgs.Handled parameter to true, the CardView.CustomDrawCardFieldCaption and CardView.CustomDrawCardFieldValue events will not fire.

See the Custom Painting Basics and Custom Painting Scenarios topics for information on using custom draw events.


Do not change cell values, modify the control’s layout, or change the control’s object model in the events used for custom control painting. Actions that update the layout can cause the control to malfunction.


The sample code below handles the CardView.CustomDrawCardField event to custom paint fields whose GridColumn.FieldName properties are not set. Such fields are considered header fields, which precede regular data fields.

A header field’s caption is painted centered. The field value is hidden.


using DevExpress.Utils;
using DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Base;

private void cardView1_CustomDrawCardField(object sender, RowCellCustomDrawEventArgs e) {
   if(e.Column.FieldName != "") return;
   e.Cache.FillRectangle(e.Cache.GetSolidBrush(SystemColors.Control), e.Bounds);
   e.Appearance.TextOptions.HAlignment = HorzAlignment.Center;
   e.Appearance.Font = e.Cache.GetFont(e.Appearance.Font, FontStyle.Bold);
   e.Appearance.DrawString(e.Cache, e.Column.Caption, e.Bounds);
   e.Handled = true;
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