GaugeControl.ShowRibbonPrintPreview(PrintSizeMode) Method

Invokes the Ribbon Print Preview Form, which shows the print preview of the gauge.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraGauges.Win

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGauges.v20.1.Win.dll


public void ShowRibbonPrintPreview(
    PrintSizeMode sizeMode
Public Sub ShowRibbonPrintPreview(
    sizeMode As PrintSizeMode


Name Type Description
sizeMode DevExpress.XtraGauges.Core.Printing.PrintSizeMode

A PrintSizeMode enumeration value which specifies the size mode used to print the gauge.


The Print Preview form displays the gauge as it will appear when printed. To print the gauge, use the GaugeControl.Print method and to export it, use the appropriate ExportTo~ method (e.g. GaugeControl.ExportToHtml, GaugeControl.ExportToPdf, etc.)


The gauge can be previewed, printed or exported only if the XtraPrinting Library is available. To verify this, use the GaugeControl.IsPrintingAvailable property.

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