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NavigationEventArgs Properties

Provides data for the WindowsUIView.NavigatedFrom and WindowsUIView.NavigatedTo events.
Name Description
Document Gets a Document involved in the current navigation event.
NavigationMode Gets the current navigation’s direction.
Parameter Gets or sets the parameter passed to the current navigation event.
Source Gets a Content Container from which an end-user navigates. Inherited from BaseNavigationEventArgs.
SourceContextualZoomLevel Gets the current zoom level of a source Content Container. Inherited from BaseNavigationEventArgs.
Tag Gets the tag of a Tile which fired the current navigation event when clicked.
Target Gets the Content Container to which an end-user navigates.
TargetContextualZoomLevel Gets the current zoom level of a target Content Container.
View Gets a WindowsUIView in which the current navigation event occurs. Inherited from BaseNavigationEventArgs.
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