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ITileContainerProperties Members

Provides settings for all TileContainers within a WindowsUIView.


Name Description
AllowDragTilesBetweenGroups Gets or sets whether tiles within TileContainer of this View can be dragged only within their parent TileGroup.
Capacity Gets or sets the maximum number of Documents Content Containers that this View can contain. Inherited from IContentContainerProperties.
DestroyOnRemovingChildren Gets or sets whether Content Containers within this View should be automatically destroyed after all their child Documents have been removed. Inherited from IContentContainerProperties.
HeaderOffset Gets or sets the distance between the Content Container‘s top edge and header. This value is common to all containers within this View. Inherited from IContentContainerProperties.
Margin Gets or sets the margin common to all Content Containers. Inherited from IContentContainerProperties.
Orientation Gets or sets the orientation for all TileContainers within the View.
ShowCaption Gets or sets whether or not any container that displays individual documents, hosted within this View’s SplitGroup or SlideGroup containers, should display its caption. Inherited from IContentContainerProperties.
ShowContextActionBarOnActivating Gets or sets whether any Content Container within this View should display its context navigation bar upon activation. Inherited from IContentContainerProperties.


Name Description
Dispose() Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources. Inherited from IDisposable.
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