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BaseView Events

The base class for Views in a DocumentManager.
Name Description
BeforeLoadLayout Fires when the View attempts to restore a previously saved layout version. Allows you to cancel this restoration.
BeginDocking Allows you to cancel docking a document onto the current control.
BeginDocumentsHostDocking Occurs whenever a Floating Documents Container starts docking to this BaseView.
BeginFloating Fires when an end-user starts to drag a docked document, so that it is transformed into a floating window.
BeginSizing Occurs when a resizing of the current View’s layout begins.
ControlLoaded Occurs after a control has been loaded to a Document within this BaseView.
ControlReleased Fires after a control has been succesfully unbound from its parent document.
ControlReleasing Occurs when a document is deselected and allows you to unbind the document from its content and dispose of the content. This event is in effect in Deferred Load mode.
ControlShown Fires when an empty document is loaded and displayed.
CustomDocumentsHostWindow Allows you to replace the default container for floating documents. Handle this event only when the BaseView.FloatingDocumentContainer property equals DocumentsHost.
CustomDrawBackground Occurs when the current View’s background becomes visible to an end-user.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
DocumentActivated Fires when the View’s ActiveDocument or ActiveFloatDocument property value changes. This event does not occur on DocumentManager initialization, or when user focus switches between a docked and a floating Document. In these cases, handle the DocumentActivate event instead.
DocumentAdded Fires when a new document is added to the current View.
DocumentClosed Fires after a document has been closed.
DocumentClosing Fires when a document is about to be closed.
DocumentDeactivated Fires when a document is deactivated.
DocumentRemoved Fires when a document is removed from the BaseView.Documents collection.
DocumentSelectorCustomSortItems Allows you to manually sort documents and dock panels displayed within the Document Selector.
DocumentSelectorHidden Fires when a document selector is closed.
DocumentSelectorShown Fires when a document selector is displayed.
EmptyDocumentsHostWindow Fires when the last floating document in the documents host window is closed or the control it contains is disposed, allowing you to specify whether to keep open the empty documents host window.
EndDocking Fires after a document has been docked to the control.
EndDocumentsHostDocking Occurs when a Floating Document Container with all its child Documents is docked to a View.
EndFloating Fires after an end-user drops a floating document.
EndSizing Occurs when resizing the current View’s layout is complete.
Floating Fires when a docked document becomes floating.
GotFocus Fires when focus is moved to any document within the current View.
Layout Occurs whenever the current DocumentManager‘s layout is being modified.
LayoutReset Fires after a DocumentManager‘s layout was reset.
LayoutResetting Occurs when the current BaseView‘s layout is to be reset.
LayoutUpgrade Occurs after a layout whose version doesn’t match the current layout’s version has been loaded from storage (a stream, xml file or system registry).
LoadingIndicatorShowing Occurs when the loading indicator is shown within this BaseView.
LostFocus Fires when focus is moved from the current View’s document to any external control (for instance, to an external DockPanel).
NextDocument Fires when an end-user tries to switch to the next or previous document by pressing CTRL+TAB or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB.
Paint Occurs when the BaseView is redrawn.
PopupMenuShowing Fires when a context menu is about to be displayed.
QueryControl Occurs when a document is to be displayed and allows you to assign content to this document. This event is in effect in Deferred Load mode.
QueryDocument Occurs when the restored layout version has a Document that is not present in the View. Allows you to skip this Document or add it to the View.
RegisterDocumentsHostWindow Fires when a document starts to float in its individual container. Provides access to the host window and its DocumentManager so you can handle events as required. This event is in effect in DocumentsHost mode.
ShowingDockGuides Allows you to hide dock guides and hints that appear when a user drags a Document or a DockPanel.
UnregisterDocumentsHostWindow Fires when a documents host window is closed and allows you to unsubscribe event handlers from its DocumentManager.
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