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ObjectDataSourceUIHelper.EditDataMember(ObjectDataSource, ISolutionTypesProvider, IWizardRunnerContext, IParameterService) Method


This overload is obsolete. Use EditDataMember instead.

Invokes a dialog that enables you to edit the data members of an object data source.

Namespace: DevExpress.DataAccess.UI.ObjectBinding

Assembly: DevExpress.DataAccess.v22.2.UI.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.DataAccess.UI


[Obsolete("This overload is obsolete. Use EditDataMember(this ObjectDataSource dataSource, EditDataMemberContext context) instead.")]
public static bool EditDataMember(
    this ObjectDataSource objectDataSource,
    ISolutionTypesProvider solutionTypesProvider,
    IWizardRunnerContext context,
    IParameterService parameterService


Name Type Description
objectDataSource ObjectDataSource

An ObjectDataSource.

solutionTypesProvider ISolutionTypesProvider

An object implementing the ISolutionTypesProvider interface.

context IWizardRunnerContext

An object implementing the IWizardRunnerContext interface.

parameterService IParameterService

An object implementing the IParameterService interface.


Type Description

true, if the dialog was closed by clicking the Finish button; otherwise, false.

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