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Design-Time Actions: Selecting Controls and Layout Items

  • 2 minutes to read

The following table lists the design-time actions that can be used to select controls and layout items in the Layout Control. The settings of the selected items/controls can then be accessed via the Properties window. It’s also possible to drag the item that was selected last to a new position or customize the selected items via the Context Menu (for instance, combine the items to groups, hide them, set size constraints etc).



Clicking a control within the Layout Control.

Selects this control.

Clicking a layout item/group (the region which is not occupied by controls).

Selects the layout item/group and unselects other layout items/groups.

Clicking a layout item/group while holding the SHIFT/CTRL key down

Toggles the selected state of the layout item/group (the selected state of other layout items and groups is not changed). This allows you to select multiple layout items/groups.

Pressing the ESC key after a control, layout item or group has been selected.

Selects the parent of the clicked control, layout item or group.

If a control is selected, the layout item that own this control will be selected.

If a layout item/group is selected, the group that owns this item/group will be selected.

If a root group is selected, the Layout Control will be selected.