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Field Value

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The Field values of column fields are displayed along the PivotGridControl‘s top edge and these represent column headers. The values of row fields are displayed along the control’s left edge and represent row headers:


Each cell in the data area displays a summary calculated for a subset of records in the control’s underlying data source. All records from this subset have matching values in a column field(s) and row field(s) and these values are identified by column and row headers.


The table below lists the main properties which affect the element’s appearance:


The PivotGridAppearancesBase.FieldValue and PivotGridFieldAppearances.Value properties.

Note: the appearance settings are not in effect if the control is painted using the Windows XP, Office2003 or Skin painting scheme.

Custom Draw Event

The PivotGridControl.CustomDrawFieldValue event.


The PivotCellEventArgsBase<TField, TData, TCustomTotal>.GetFieldValue method returns the values of column and row fields. A PivotCellBaseEventArgs object can be accessed via the PivotGridCells.GetCellInfo or PivotGridCells.GetFocusedCellInfo method and when handling cell specific events (PivotGridControl.CellDoubleClick, etc).

The PivotGridFieldBase.ValueFormat property provides the settings used to format field values.

The PivotGridControl.FieldValueDisplayText event allows you to customize the text displayed in a particular field value. If the PivotGridOptionsView.AllowHtmlDrawFieldValues property is set to true, you can assign an HTML string to the PivotFieldDisplayTextEventArgs.DisplayText property. The HTML string may contain images supplied by the PivotGridControl.HtmlImages property.

The PivotGridControl.FieldValueImageIndex event allows you to assign images from an image list to particular field values.

Grouping Mode

The PivotGridFieldBase.GroupInterval property.

Case-Sensitive Grouping

The PivotGridOptionsData.CaseSensitive property.


The PivotGridOptionsCustomization.AllowExpand and PivotGridFieldOptions.AllowExpand properties.

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