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Data Shaping

Topics in the following sections describe data-related features provided by the Pivot Grid. These include data filtering, value formatting, sorting and grouping data, using summaries, etc.

The following sections and topics are available.

  • Summarization

    Topics in this section describe how the Pivot Grid Control processes underlying data and displays the results of the calculations.

  • Grouping

    This topic describes how to group field values into categories (ranges) automatically.

  • Sorting

    Topics in this section provide information on how Pivot Grid Control data can be sorted.

  • Pinned (Fixed) Columns

    The topic describes how to pin columns in the Pivot Grid Control.

  • Filtering

    Topics in this section describe Pivot Grid Control filtering capabilities.

  • Editing

    Topics in this section describe how data cell values displayed in the Pivot Grid Control can be edited by end-users to perform a ‘what-if’ analysis.

  • Data Formatting

    This topic describes how to format the display text of its data cells, field values, summaries, totals and grand totals before they are displayed on screen.