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The topics in this section give you basic information on the purpose and functionality of the Pivot Grid control. They introduce the fundamental notions you will use when working with PivotGridControl or reading this documentation. Thus, we recommend that you read these topics before any others.

  • Pivot Grid Fields

    This topic introduces the main concept you need to understand to work with the PivotGridControl - a Pivot Grid Control field, and describes how to populate Pivot Grid control with data by binding its fields to data fields.

  • Information Presentation Basics

    This topic explains how PivotGridControl presents data and why this data presentation format may be important to you.

  • Hierarchical Value Presentation

    You can turn a static single-level data presentation into a highly flexible and easily customizable report. To achieve this, add multi-level hierarchies to your report’s axes.

  • Product Class Structure

    This topic lists links used to access reference information about the most important classes in the Pivot Grid control.