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The topics in this section describe techniques that allow you to manage the PivotGridControl layout (change the layout of fields and data cells, group fields, and so on).

This section consists of the following topics:

  • Field Location and Order

    Contains general information about areas where fields can be located.

  • Data Cell Layout

    Describes how to customize the Pivot Grid Control layout with drag-and-drop operations.

  • Field Value Layout

    Explains how to customize row and column headers.

  • Field Groups

    Describes the capability to arrange fields into groups.

  • Expand and Collapse Fields

    Explains how to expand and collapse field values in the field hierarchies and groups.

  • Customization Form

    Introduces a Customization Form designed to simplify layout customization.

  • Best Fit

    Describes how to automatically adjust the column width to display its entire content.

  • Save and Restore Layout

    Describes how to save and restore the Pivot Grid layout to customize the Pivot Grid and apply the saved settings to other Pivot Grids in other applications.