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Field Header

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Field headers identify fields in the PivotGridControl. A field header contains:

  • a caption string that identifies the field’s content;
  • an image that contains graphical information about the field’s content;
  • a sort glyph that identifies the sort order applied to the field’s values;
  • a filter button that users can use to filter field values.

Field header elements

The headers of all visible fields are contained within header areas. The headers of row and column fields are displayed within the row header and column header areas. The headers of data fields are displayed within the data header area. Headers can also be displayed within the filter header area. Headers of hidden fields are displayed within the Customization Form.




The table below lists the main properties that affect the Field header’s appearance.


The PivotGridAppearancesBase.FieldHeader property specifies the appearance settings of all field headers. Individual fields may override these settings with the PivotGridFieldAppearances.Header property.

Note: The PivotGridAppearancesBase.FieldHeader setting is not in effect if the Pivot Grid Control is painted in the Windows XP, Office2003 or Skin style.

Custom Draw Event



The PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ShowColumnHeaders, PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ShowRowHeaders, PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ShowDataHeaders, and PivotGridOptionsViewBase.ShowFilterHeaders options specify the visibility of corresponding header areas. A field’s PivotGridFieldOptions.ShowInCustomizationForm option specifies whether the field’s header can appear in the Customization Form when the field is hidden.


The PivotGridFieldBase.Caption property specifies the text to display, the PivotGridField.ImageIndex property specifies an image to display. If the PivotGridOptionsView.AllowHtmlDrawHeaders property is set to true, you can assign an HTML string to the Caption property. The HTML string may contain images supplied by the PivotGridControl.HtmlImages property.

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