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The legacy approach is a combination of two filters available to end users:

  • Prefilter feature applies a filter to the underlying data source before displaying data in the PivotGridControl.
  • Drop-down filters which filter visible fields.

The Prefilter is not supported in OLAP mode.

Set the PivotGridControl.UseLegacyFilterEditor property to true to enable the Prefilter feature.

Prefilter Editor

The Prefilter editor allows end users to build complex filter criteria with multiple conditions, combined by logical operators. End users can right-click the field header and select Show Prefilter in the context menu to invoke the editor.


To hide the Show Prefilter menu item, set the PivotGridControl.AllowPrefilter property to false.

In code, call the PivotGridControl.ShowPrefilter method to invoke the Prefilter editor.

Prefilter Panel

The Prefilter Panel is automatically shown a the bottom of the PivotGridControl after a filter is applied and the Prefilter feature is enabled (the PivotGridControl.AllowPrefilter property is set to true).


The Prefilter Panel displays the following elements:

  • Prefilter expression

  • MRU filter button used to display the most recently used Prefilter criteria

  • Edit button used to invoke a Filter Editor

  • Enable/Disable Filter check box used to temporarily enable/disable the filter

  • Clear Filter button used to reset the current filter condition.

To make this panel always visible or always hidden, use the PivotGridControl.ShowPrefilterPanelMode property.

Prefilter API

The Prefilter allows you to access its settings and specify filter criteria in code. You can use the following properties and methods to do this:



Gets or sets a filter expression.


Gets or sets whether the filter specified by the Prefilter is enabled.


Gets whether the Prefilter is invoked.



Invokes/hides the Filter Editor.


Gets or sets whether end-users are allowed to invoke the Prefilter.

When you create a filter expression in code, use the PivotGridField.PrefilterColumnName property to refer to a field. The sample below shows how to do this.

pivotGridControl1.PrefilterString = "[" + fieldCategory.PrefilterColumnName + "] Like 'B%'";

The Prefilter cannot filter data against data fields. If a filter criteria include a data field, an error message is shown in the Prefilter Panel. This message also appears if filter criteria contain a field name that does not exist.

After a filter condition changes (in a Filter Editor or in code), the PivotGridControl.PrefilterCriteriaChanged event occurs.

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