Summary Display Modes

The type of the summary function which is calculated against a data field, is specified by the data field’s PivotGridField.SummaryType property. By default, summaries are displayed “as is”.

Pivot Grid allows summary results to be represented in a custom manner. For instance, you can display the percentage of the totals and grand totals, or the absolute or percentage difference between the current and preceding cells.

A data field’s PivotGridField.SummaryDisplayType property allows you to choose one of the predefined summary display modes. By default, this property is set to FieldSummaryDisplayType.Default, indicating that summary values are displayed “as is”.

See the following topics to learn more about predefined summary display modes provided by PivotGridControl.

To provide a custom presentation of summaries, handle the PivotGridControl.CustomCellDisplayText event. To manually calculate summaries, handle the PivotGridControl.CustomSummary event.