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Optimized Calculation Engine

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Pivot Grid can operate in Optimized mode that uses the Optimized Calculation Engine. The Optimized Calculation engine boasts new functionality and improved performance.

Set the PivotGridOptionsData.DataProcessingEngine property to DataProcessingEngine.Optimized to switch to Optimized mode:

pivotGridControl1.OptionsData.DataProcessingEngine = PivotDataProcessingEngine.Optimized;

The following sections illustrate new functionality of Optimized mode:

Intermediate Level Aggregations

Intermediate Level Aggregations use the summary function to calculate values for data obtained from the first specified data source column, group data by subsequent specified columns, and calculate group summaries. You can nest the aggr function to summarize aggregated data in an expression.

Window Calculations

Window calculations use window functions to calculate data across a set of window rows related to the current row. Partitioning criteria are applied to rows to arrange them in partitions (a subset of rows in a data table).

Data Binding API

Pivot Grid uses the Binding API to bind Pivot Grid fields to data. A data binding source can be a column in the data source or a calculated expression. Optimized mode supports all types of bindings listed below.

Column Binding
Allows you to bind a Pivot Grid field to a data column in the data source. The Pivot Grid field obtains its values from a field in the data source.
Expression Binding
Allows you to bind a Pivot Grid field to an expression and display the calculated result. The expression can be a formula or an aggregate function.
Calculation Binding
Allows you to bind a Pivot Grid field to a window calculation and display aggregated values in the window.

Each specified binding object is a DataBindingBase descendant. This object is assigned to the Pivot Grid field’s DataBinding property.





Optimized Mode Restrictions

For information about Optimized mode restrictions, refer to the following article: In-Memory Mode Limitations.