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Product Class Structure

Use the following links to access reference information about the most important classes in DXCarousel for WPF suite.

Class Description
CarouselPanel The Carousel control that can be used standalone or within a CarouselItemsControl as the item arrangement template.
CarouselNavigator A pre-built navigator control that includes the Previous, Next, Prevoius Page, Next Page, First and Last buttons. You can easily bind this component to any CarouselPanel, to provide external controls for carousel scrolling.
CarouselItemsControl An advanced version of the standard ItemsControl, allowing you to avoid routine customization steps when using the CarouselPanel as the item arrangement template.
FunctionBase The base class for all functions that control how element properties change their values along the path. You can use built-in functions or derive from this class to create new ones. Results of several functions can be combined into a Parameter, which is actually bound to an element property.
Parameter Parameters are complex functions (a result of up to three functions with different arguments) that control how carousel element properties change. The Carousel provides built-in parameters, and also allows you to create as many custom parameters as you need.