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Printing Templates

In v19.1, we introduced a new set of WYSIWYG printing templates. The resulting reports reflect the Scheduler’s current state and settings: the selected days and resources, whether the visible time is limited to work hours, etc.

The OptionsPrinting property provides access to template settings.

The table below lists the printing templates.



Scheduler Daily Style Template

Daily Style

Displays one day per page, grouped by resource.

Scheduler Weekly Style Template

Weekly Style

Displays one week per page, grouped by resource.

Scheduler Monthly Style Template

Monthly Style

Displays one month per page, grouped by resource.

Scheduler Timeline Style Template

Timeline Style

Displays the visible days, grouped by resource.

Scheduler Trifold Style Template

Trifold Style

Displays one day, one week, and a month as three separate sections on a single page for each visible day and resource.

The SchedulerControl.Print, SchedulerControl.PrintDirect and SchedulerControl.ShowPrintPreview* methods accept a DevExpress.Xpf.Scheduling.ReportTemplate enumerable value as a parameter that specifies the template.