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Clipboard Operations

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End users can copy, cut, and paste appointments by selecting the corresponding context menu items or pressing standard key combinations.

To copy the selected appointments, press CTRL+C or click the Copy context menu item. To cut the selected appointments, press CTRL+X or click the Cut context menu item.

When you copy or cut recurring appointments (including changed occurrences), these appointments are stored in the clipboard as regular appointments in all views other than the List view.

The Pattern and DeletedOccurrence recurring appointments can only be copied in the List view. The Pattern appointments include the recurrence data. The DeletedOccurrence appointments are copied as regular appointments.

To paste the copied appointments, select an empty time cell and press CTRL+V or click the Paste context menu item.

If the current view is the List view, pasting appointments from the clipboard preserves the original date and resource. In all other views, the appointments are pasted in the selected date and resource. In this scenario, Pattern appointments change their start date to the selected one.

End-users can paste the copied appointments in other applications as text in the following format.

Start: <Start_Date>
End: <End_Date>
Location: <Location>
Label: <Label>
Status: <Status>

Clipboard commands are listed below: