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WPF Spreadsheet Control API

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Use the following links to access reference information about the most important classes and interfaces in the WPF Spreadsheet control:

Class Description
SpreadsheetControl A visual control that allows you to create, load, edit, save and print spreadsheet documents.
SpreadsheetFormulaBarControl A control that displays the cell address and the contents of the current cell. Use it to enter or edit formulas and cell data.
SpreadsheetControlOptions Stores settings specific for the SpreadsheetControl.
SpreadsheetBehaviorOptions Contains options used to restrict an end-user’s ability to manage a document within the SpreadsheetControl.
IWorkbook A document in the SpreadsheetControl.
Worksheet An individual worksheet in a workbook.
Row An individual row in a worksheet.
Column An individual column in a worksheet.
Cell A box at the intersection of a column and a row. A cell can contain worksheet data, a formula, and formatting.
CellRange The base interface that provides the functionality required to work with a worksheet cell and a range of cells.
CellValue A data value contained in a cell.
Formatting An interface containing options to change cell format settings: fill, font, alignment, borders, and number format.
RichTextString Rich formatted text in a cell.
ConditionalFormatting The base interface for conditional formatting rules.
DefinedName A name that refers to a cell, cell range, formula, or constant value.
WorkbookFunctions An interface that provides access to the built-in worksheet functions divided into categories by their functionality and allows you to override a specific function.
ICustomFunction An interface that provides basic properties and methods required to implement a custom worksheet function.
FormulaEngine Provides the capability to calculate and parse worksheet formulas. See Formula Engine.
Hyperlink A hyperlink associated with a cell or cell range.
Comment A comment attached to a worksheet cell.
Picture An embedded image in a worksheet.
Chart An embedded chart in a worksheet.
Table A table in a worksheet.
PivotTable A PivotTable report in a worksheet.
WorksheetDataBinding An interface containing information about a cell range bound to an external data source or used to create a data source. See Data Binding.
CustomCellInplaceEditor A custom cell in-place editor assigned to a cell or cell range in a worksheet.
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