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Themes and Templates

The SpreadsheetControl allows you to customize the appearance of its elements using themes and templates. A theme uses a styling and theming mechanism exposed by WPF that provides you with centralized control over the appearance of the entire application. A template can provide a completely different look and feel for Spreadsheet visual elements (cells).


The Spreadsheet control supports standard DevExpress theming. The List of DevExpress WPF Themes document lists the available themes and contains a XAML sample that illustrates how to apply a desired theme.


Use the SpreadsheetControl.CellTemplate property to specify a template for worksheet cells in the WPF SpreadsheetControl.

You can also select different templates for different cells based on custom logic. Use the SpreadsheetControl.CellTemplateSelector property to specify a template selector - a class that chooses a template if a required condition is met.

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