Search Box

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The built-in Search Box provides an easy way to search through properties.



The table below lists the main properties affecting element behavior and appearance.







Keyboard Operations

CTRL+F - Moves focus to the Search Box.

ESC - Clears the Search Box.

DOWN ARROW - Moves focus from the Search Box to the data area of the grid.

Search Syntax

In its simplest form, a search criteria consists of a single word. To search for a string containing a space character, specify this string in quotation marks. Without quotation marks, words separated by the space character are treated as individual conditions (using the OR logical operator by default).

Precede a condition with “+” to select records that match this condition. Other records will be excluded from the result. The “+” specifier allows you to implement the logical AND operator.

Precede a condition with “-“ to exclude records that match this condition from the result set.


Search Criteria Description
register Selects records that contain the “register” string in any search column.
check register Dave Selects records that contain the “check”, “register” or “Dave” strings in any search column.
"check register" Selects records that contain “check register” in any search column.
screen +"Richard Fisher" Selects records that contain both “screen” and “Richard Fisher” in search columns.
data +entry -mark Selects records that contain both “data” and “entry” in search columns, excluding records that contain “mark”.
menu mask -file Selects records that contain “menu” or “mask”, excluding records that contain “file”.


Searches performed using the Search Box are case insensitive.