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The DevExpress WPF PropertyGridControl is a data bound control that allows end-users to display and edit the properties of an object. It provides multiple features such as a built-in search control, a wide array of cell editors, the capability to switch the object at runtime, flexible property definitions and more.


The following table lists classes that represent the main elements of the PropertyGrid control.

Class Description
ApplyingMode Lists values that specify when the property definition is applied.
CollectionDefinition Represents a collection definition.
DescriptionLocation Lists values that specify the location of the property description.
InstanceInitializer Represents item initializers.
PropertyDefinition Represents a property definition.
PropertyDefinitionBase Serves as a base for classes that represent property definitions.
PropertyGridControl The property grid control.
PropertyGridFilterMode Lists values that specify how properties are filtered.
PropertyGridSortMode Lists values that specify how grid data is sorted.
RowInfo Contains information about a data row.
ShowPropertiesMode Lists values that specify which properties are shown.