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How to: Create Protected Ranges in Code

  • 2 minutes to read

This code snippet illustrates how to unlock specific document ranges in a protected document for authenticated users by doing the following:

  1. Access the document collection of ranges with permissions by calling the SubDocument.BeginUpdateRangePermissions method.
  2. Call the RangePermissionCollection.CreateRangePermission method to create a RangePermission instance to the target document range.
  3. Specify the user and/or the group of users that are eligible to edit the document using the RangePermission.Group and RangePermission.UserName properties.

    In this example, actions from step 2 and 3 are implemented in the CreateRangePermissions method.

  4. Finish the update by calling the SubDocument.EndUpdateRangePermissions method.
  5. Use the Document.Protect method to protect the document from modification. With document protection enabled, ranges without edit permission are read-only.

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Imports DevExpress.XtraRichEdit
Imports DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.API.Native
Imports DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.Services
            ' Create document ranges.
            Dim rangeAdmin As DocumentRange = AppendDocument("Documents\administrator.docx")
            Dim rangeBody As DocumentRange = AppendDocument("Documents\body.docx")
            Dim rangeSignature As DocumentRange = AppendDocument("Documents\signature.docx")

            ' Protect document ranges.
            Dim rangePermissions As RangePermissionCollection = richEditControl1.Document.BeginUpdateRangePermissions()
            rangePermissions.AddRange(CreateRangePermissions(rangeAdmin, String.Empty, "", "Nancy Skywalker"))
            rangePermissions.AddRange(CreateRangePermissions(rangeBody, "Everyone", String.Empty))
            rangePermissions.AddRange(CreateRangePermissions(rangeSignature, "Skywalkers", String.Empty))
            ' Enforce protection and set password.
        Private Function AppendDocument(ByVal filename As String) As DocumentRange
            Dim pos As DocumentPosition = richEditControl1.Document.CreatePosition(richEditControl1.Document.Range.End.ToInt() - 2)
            Dim range As DocumentRange = richEditControl1.Document.InsertDocumentContent(pos, filename, DocumentFormat.OpenXml)
            Return range
        End Function
        Private Shared Function CreateRangePermissions(ByVal range As DocumentRange, ByVal userGroup As String, ParamArray ByVal usernames() As String) As List(Of RangePermission)
            Dim rangeList As New List(Of RangePermission)()
            For Each username As String In usernames
                Dim rp As New RangePermission(range)
                rp.Group = userGroup
                rp.UserName = username
            Next username
            Return rangeList
        End Function